About Us


Over 20 Years of Service to the Community

In 1987, Mr. Frank Irvin, the orchestra teacher at Basic High School, visited Flagstaff, AZ and was impressed with their civic symphony. He thought it would be great to have a similar group in Henderson. His primary idea was to have a place for his students to continue playing their instruments after they graduated from the public school system.

He talked to several people, trying to drum up interest, and did several interviews with Deborah Campbell of KVVU, Channel 5 in Henderson. He also talked to Mr. Jerry Brown, Assistant Director of Henderson Parks and Recreation. Mr. Brown agreed to place an ad in the Henderson Home News and also said they would list any performances of such a group in their publications. The ad simply said, “Anyone interested in forming an orchestra come to Parks an dRecreation”, and gave the date, time, and place. The ad also said Frank Irvin would be the conductor.

Fast forward over 25 years and the Henderson Symphony Orchestra is now a thriving group of over 100 volunteer musicians, board members, and many generous donors. Interested in the rest of the story? Download it here.

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To promote classical musical appreciation and education to a varied and diverse audience, and to contribute to the cultural community of Henderson.

Core Values

Develop local talent and perform inspiring repertoire
Deliver spirited performances with passion
Cultivate camaraderie and collaboration
Volunteer with a pride of ownership
Educate, enlighten and entertain
Celebrate successes
Support and serve the local community